Review: Lululemon Men’s On The Mat Short

IMG_0366I recently ordered the ‘On the Mat Short’ from Lululemon.  First and foremost, I LOVE the men’s attire at Lululemon.  It’s so durable for people like me who just absolutely sweat and beat the heck out of their workout clothes.  A lot of the yoga clothes are too short/tight for me to wear in public as casual off-duty wear, but I do wear a lot of the yoga clothes at home for lounging.

I learned that with Lululemon, if you like something and it happens to be on sale – BUY IT.  Because chances are, if you’re a size S or M, you won’t see it again.  I really try to avoid being a hoarder and buying like mad because things are on sale, but when it comes to Lululemon shorts, I go all out.  It’s mostly because the shorts are generally super versatile and I really feel that we (the royal we on behalf of men) can rock it in public, more so than tights.  I bought a total of three, colors: (1) heathered texture printed grey deep coal/slate, (2) black.


After wearing it to the gym a couple times, this is what I came to conclude:

  • This On the Mat Short, whether in black or the heather, is extremely comfortable.  I wore the heather one to just lounge around in last night and felt like I was wearing a pair of soft and smooth boxers.
  • I don’t really think these are for yoga, although they’re designed to be on the mat shorts.  They don’t really stay in place; they slip quite a bit.
  • The shorts are mid-thigh length for me, someone who’s 5’9″.  It’s a bit high, but since they look like running shorts, I think it’s fine.  If you’re looking for knee-length shorts, these are not for you.
  • While I sit, the waist line cinches and rolls over from time to time.  If that doesn’t bother you, then get them!  It doesn’t really bother me all that much.  It just tells me I need to lose my belly fat.

IMG_0367It’s decent for the price.  I never buy anything at Lululemon for full-price.  I just believe that you should never pay the full price anywhere (unless it’s at Everlane, where they pretty much give you the item at cost + a little bit for profit).  I bought them on sale at $49, where they were originally $64.  It’s still a bit steep.  I think at $39 this would be good buy, but it’s a 3.5/5 nonetheless.  And of course, they shipped my order with their signature red reusable bag.  Always a nice touch.

4 Replies to “Review: Lululemon Men’s On The Mat Short”

      1. Good to know about the stretch with sweat. Haven’t experienced that yet but I’m glad I picked my normal size. Excellent taste — with full-leg pants, I like them tight as well! 😀

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