on tidying up

11033014_1636968526526489_1244653016_nVincent bought this book sometime ago and it wasn’t until I was advised by Cory that I really thought I’d give this a good read.  I came home one day and saw Vin folding his socks a certain way and I figured if it could get my messy boyfriend to find joy in tidying, I have to give it a go.

I started reading the first chapter, as I usually do.  I always read the first chapter and then call it quits for the night.  If I like it enough, I’ll wake up the next day and resume the following day.  With this book, I couldn’t stop at the first page.  In fact, I read fifty pages worth before I realized it was 1AM on a Monday and I should probably turn in for the night to get up for work.

Everyone said that this book is life-changing and I have really taken into the account the things that Marie Kondo has pointed out.  Her most basic principle is that you can only keep things in your life if they spark joy upon touch.  It’s a fairly simple philosophy and I hope that I can live it through.  In the end, she says, you will only be surrounded by things that make you happy in your home.

I still have a little bit to go so I will continue reading and will get back with a full report!

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