When Did All My Shirts Get So Tight?

Real talk, though. I take pride in buying shirts that are anywhere from size L to size XXL for a baggier fit. I always love that slouchy, casual, Alexander Wang-esque style on skinny models and try to replicate it. And it looked good, for the most part.

But I noticed that the past week or so, these baggy shirts are actually starting to fit. My first thought was: “That’s not good..” And of course, I didn’t do anything about it. My next thought was: “Damn, where’s a boba shop when you need it?” Bad.

Today, I noticed that my button-down shirt isn’t fitting when I sit down. It expands as if the width is not wide enough to accommodate my abdomen. Real bad. I need to do something about this, STAT.

I will start by purging the clothes that no longer fit me. Let go of anything that no longer suits me. That’s the best place to start.


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